When was the last time you looked at a pattern and pondered, what’s the story behind that? You don’t need to be a design antiquarian to realize that some of the most mainstream styles of today have a rich history and regularly have roots in Black culture.

Notwithstanding an enormous history of design and fashion culture within the African American community, blackness didn’t genuinely enter the standard American design industry until the latter half of the twentieth century, after the social liberties movement. Preceding this advancement, many black designers exhibited their clothing in their networks and held runway shows and exhibitions in places of worship and other public settings.

Considering the current circumstance in the US and the continuous developments for acknowledgment and diversity in fashion, we honor and celebrate some of the characterizing patterns impacted by Black culture throughout the ages.

Truly, the connection between the fashion industry and black culture has consistently been complex. It is vital to recall that the fashion industry is based on the oppression of black and brown bodies, set up by an underlying type of prejudice established in a fraught colonial past. Many fashion houses, brands, and celebrities seem only too happy to appropriate, whitewash and profit off of black culture without respectfully recognizing their history, struggling to broaden and fundamentally transform their company.

The cultural and historical significance of black culture, ability, and its monumental impact in fashion today must be recognized. With this being said, it’s likewise critical to still recognize the imbalances of the acknowledgment of black style and culture. In this series, we are going to highlight and discuss why fashion brands should celebrate Black History and what fashion means to Black History.

Why style brands ought to celebrate Black History

Black History Month is a yearly event that celebrates the commitment made by the generations of those of African and Caribbean origin living in America, who have helped shape America’s national, cultural and social life. Also, as a month that commends Black history, 2021 is positively one for history books.

Cultural Appreciation, not Cultural Appropriation

Black Culture is uniquely one of the greatest influences on today’s fashion design and has been for a long time. Below are unique ways how Black culture impacted the fashion of today since we need to be instructed and love these aspects of the African culture as well.

Fashion Trends and Movements with Roots in Black Culture

Logo Outfits and Sweat suits

Coordinating sets and sweat suits were a tremendous piece of Black design and are very standard these days. Logomania and having a logo print outfit was advocated by names like Dapper Dan. Today Logomania is another famous pattern making a rebound through brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Dior, and more.

Oversized Clothing

The sources of this pattern reach back to the 80’s Hip-hop period from the Black Community, with the ascent it had during the ’90s. Because of attire being given over from older siblings or family members in the Black community, larger than usual and improper sizing of clothing was recognizable to all. Rappers began performing in such attires to give a gesture to their community and also associate with their audiences to a higher extent, increasing the prominence of oversized clothing significantly more.


Hip-hop culture and Black culture has transformed inside themselves throughout history, and probably the most grounded strand of that was sneaker culture. The sneaker-head culture has long been a wave that influences street fashion through brands and shoes like Nike and Jordan’s, which as of late turned out to be very famous once again. Today, sneaker culture works together with fashioners and customizers, creating statement pieces.

Script Necklaces and Jewelry

Script gold jewelry and chains were a major part of black culture since way back in history. From waist chains to anklets and gold chokers, people of color have utilized glamour and blended it in with street styles, making it their own and impacting upcoming generations. Particularly tailored pieces of jewelry and rings with names or stage names were curated inside the HipHop industry, begun basically by black people, however, took off and became extremely popular.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are one of the greatest pieces of adornments that ever emerged from Black culture. Gold or silver bands, just as bamboo, hoops, and studs have been statement pieces, but also culturally important since the 1960s. Despite the negative stigma concerning ladies preferring hoop earrings or band studs, the style has remained a top pick among the most influential pop-culture figures in history. Presently, the once-taboo style has developed into a fundamental design accessory.

Hair Styles

Innovative hairstyles including braids, puffs, space buns, and afros have predominantly started from black culture, and continue influencing hair these days. As the Black Is Beautiful development arose, upsetting the commercial thought of white highlights characterizing conventional magnificence, black men and women began finding power in their natural hair and huge afros, thus this becoming an image of political activism.

Black Fashion has implanted itself in our mainstream society, and Black style, fertile and innovative, is persistently increasing like a replicating amoeba, turning off into sub-genres. African American Fashion is all about making design statements. The industry runs on the adage to be different, polished, edgy as well as continuous changes in every season of every year. African American Fashion to customers is being different from the crowd or making a statement by utilizing clothing and adornments that set them apart.

When the black fashion industry is concerned, African American culture is an indispensable piece of it. Black Fashion and culture go hand in hand. In general, black fashion is a method of expressing African American people through their dress and adornments. Black people try to remain in fashion and they are generally affected by mainstream African American culture which is an impression of cultural forces just as social components. The Factory 10 Custom Apparel shop is a source of exceptional correspondence that sends messages about Black History, Black Culture, and Black Fashion.

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